Yankees mit Großangriff?
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Autor: ak10 [ 1. Jan 2014, 13:26 ]
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The New York Yankees are poised to respond to a disappointing 2013 campaign at the major and minor league levels by shattering the record for spending on international amateurs, starting on July 2nd, 2014.

A source with direct knowledge of the Yankees plans says they aim to spend $12-15 million in bonuses on international amateurs this year, which would trigger penalties of about $10-12 million per to the 2-year old rules in the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) that limit international spending.

MLB hasn’t notified clubs of their 2014 international spending pools yet, but the Yankees are expected to have a pool amount between $2.0 million and $2.5 million. They would be taxed 100% on any dollar they spend over 10% above that amount and the maximum penalty (for going over 15% above the pool amount) is not being allowed to sign a player for above a $300,000 bonus for the next two years. The maximum bonus penalty this year is harsher than the previous two seasons, when it was a one-year bonus limit of $250,000.

Sources have indicated that part of this plan was the Yankees belief that this is an above average July 2nd class. Rival executives think it is just an average class and point out that, of the 5-7 players most rumored to be signing with the Yankees, only one or two are elite players worth the big bonuses they are rumored to be getting

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Ich glaube das erst, wenn ich es sehe. Die Idee, die extrem großen finanziellen Ressourcen in den Nachwuchs zu investieren, unterstütze ich aber zu 100 %. Auch wenn es für meinen Geschmack viel zu spät passiert...

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